In the middle of a large local shopping complex area – right opposite to Westfield Manukau and PaknSav, Melba appears with massive glass windows, high ceiling, open space, and modern wooden/metal interior. What else they have got to offer? A fancy, pretty and yummo all-day menu that you MUST try.


We had Chicken schnitzel sandwich with Brie, Fried Chicken waffle, velvet latte and homemade lemonade. Not much to say about their food, service, and the whole atmosphere though, but “Amazing”. The chicken was crispy but tender and juicy, chips were exceptionally delicious, lemonade tastes like some authentic lovely homemade thingy we would have at home and their beetroot latte, was just a big hit!


10/10 !

Address: 1 Ronwood Ave, Manukau , Auckland

Erin M. & Ryan F.