Me and my partner are Asian – by saying that, I just mean to say we have Asian food all the time, like all the time. For our anni, I said no to Asian food, but he insisted to take me to this place – not anything fancy, not any big dining table, but it was just AMAZING. I am being completed and happy more than ever.

It was quite funny when they took our order – we could not really understand or know what each dish is, so we kinda looked over other tables, and pointed out what we wanted.

This is one of the dish you must try: their home-made tofu on the menu I guess, but I am sure it is deep-fried egg tofu on soya sauce. Amazingly crispy on the outside, but soft and fragrant on the inside.


I always like prawn when eating at a Chinese place, so here it is: Spicy salt & pepper King Prawn


Next stop is his all-time favorite: chinese eggplant with pork mince on rice. Very flavourful to be honest.


Last but not least, a combination of roast duck, charsiu and cripsy pork


We paid around $90 for everything, we did not eat them all lol – 4 boxes of doggy-bag to take home but we were both very happy-in-our-tummy

If you are looking for comfort food, value for money but homecook style, I highly recommend this place. I honestly can not wait to be back trying their sizzling beef on hot plate !

Dong Ji BBQ Noodle House: Unit E2, 46 Mt WellingtonHighway, Mt Wellington, Auckland

Erin M. & Ryan F.