Hue is one of many beautiful travel spots in the Central region of Vietnam for it’s a world’s cultural heritage and food culture. If Southern Vietnamese food is with a sweeter taste, while the Northern food is a bit plain and salty, Hue’s food or the Central Vietnamese food is on the other hand well-known for being very salted and spicy. Apart from my previous recipe of the Chewy Dumpling, Bún bò is a classic noodle dish that made with thick noodle, spicy chili & shrimp oil, and a deeply savory beef broth.



  • 1kg beef tail
  • 5l water
  • 500gram of beef shin
  • extra beef ball if you like
  • 2 tspn of shrim paste
  • 1/4 pineapple
  • 4 lemongrass. Half washed, then crushed. Half finely chopped
  • 2 tspn of tomato paste
  • 2 finely chopped chilies
  • Salt, sugar, 2-3 lemon grass
  • Bun Bo Noodle, or thick noodle


You can find my recipe for making the broth here, but also here it is again:

  • To clean beef bone: In boiled water, quickly stir the bone with a bit of salt. Rinse under cold water, leave to rest
  • In a large cooking pot, add in beef bone + 2 Lemongrass +pineapple for at least 2 hours + 1/2 tspn of salt
  • Add in beef shin, cook for another 1 hour
  • Over a high heat pan, quickly saute finely chopped lemongrass+tomato paste+chilli, then pour into the broth
  • When boiled, add in “shrimp paste” (Mam ruoc). Season again with salt + sugar + fish sauce before serve
  • In another large pot filled with cold water and a bit of salt, add in the noodle and cook until soften up. Once cooked, rinse under cold water. Drain well.
  • My tips: add in 1/4 tspn of fish sauce, then add bean sprout, cooked noodle, top with desired beef cut, then pour in the soup base.


Bon appétit

Erin M.