Operating right at the water-front of Mt Maunganui, Tauranga (yes, we went to Tauranga for our short get-away Easter holiday yay); Pronto joint was not really much to look at. In fact, we walked pass without even checking out their menu when we were looking for a place to have a very late lunch at 1pm. Apart from those basic ones like cheeseburger, fish burger and chicken snitchtzel, they offer an interesting range of large size (and I do mean large) classic gourmet burger at $15 each, fancy meatballs, tasty milkshake and their super crispy chips at $6/large bowl


Ryan opted himself for their Bacon and Beef while I ordered one Scotch Steak & Blue Cheese. And our first bite, were such a holy molly moment – mine was very cheesy blue-cheese kind of cheesy; his was juicy, tender with a very fine touch of their tasty (that I would love to know the recipe) sauce. You know how Burger King or McDonald ads always having this one person biting into one burger and made that “mmmmmm” sound? It was our moment.



We always over-ordered our food, I knowwww. But look at these, can you resist? If you read my blog long enough, you might know we both love Calamari or salt&pepper deep-fried squid. They were tasty, with a right balance of salt and pepper & extremely yumo batter. And who can have burgers without chips, right? I am telling you, it is beyond any definition of crispy-chips that you know ! And because Ryan was curious about their pulled pork balls, we went for that, too. Which were, average to be fair 🙂

Overall? 9.5/10 !

Ryan F. & Erin M.