It was a long day for both my partner and I unexpectedly, but as we already booked a table for two on the 4th of Mar, we came hungry still. This luxurious place is indeed a new concept in buffet dining which combines of 8 different fine dining “stations” – ranging from cold cut & salad, to meat, sashimi, seafood, Italian, Indian, Asian and dessert.

The dining area itself is quite formal, but I guess because people still need to move around getting food, it barely has enough room for more than 2 walking oppositely at the same time. Ryan had a glass of bourbon & coke – his favourite, and I had a glass of summer Sav – my normal “routine”.



He started with Caesar salad and grilled seafood, and I had a few tuna & salmon sashimi. The salad was a simple and pleasing hit as a starter, Ryan had 2 actually and I thought it was quite nice too.  I personally do not like to eat shellfish, but the grilled chilli prawn and fish were tasty. Its chillies, seasoning (and a bit of lime also I thought), went well together and absolutely sensational.


We went for a second round, to the meat section and picked both braised beef brisket & roasted beef. The roast beef had a superb creamy-gravy to go together making it utterly tender, juicy and flavourful. Ryan indeed was not happy with the braised beef brisket – too much fat but the meat is dry at the same time. I couldn’t tell what they cook it with as it was quite blank.

meat 2

Here must be the most disappointed part where we barely touched any even-though I was excited to try. I ordered both lamb & beef to be cooked as medium rare, and them were either undercooked, or overcooked. The asparagus was tasteless too. I wanted to try some pasta as well so Ryan ordered a carbonara spinach-linguine. We both did not like it. It was really under cooked and the sauce did not even go along with the pasta.


Ryan tasted a bit of the butter chicken and we both agreed it does not taste like what we would expect. I like how the chilli nan tasted though, but again, it was undercooked 🙂

Ryan F & Erin M.