It has been a few years (yes, a few years, lol) since my last visit to Empress Garden Chinese Restaurant and was very good to get back in. It has always been the same though, nothing has been changed – customer service, food quality and the ambient. The owner of this place is actually Chinese-Vietnamese, which I thought not many would not regcognize – even Ryan wouldn’t know. Memories of the old day when having Peking duck was like a big feast after many days of having junk food for school, came straight to mind here at this restaurant.

We were 6 persons, and we ordered quite a lot:

  • 3-courses of Peking Duck, which was Sliced Duck Skin with Meat, Pancake, Cucumber, Spring Onion and Bean Sauce as 1st course; Duck Meat wrap in fresh lettuce for 2nd course and Duck Carcase soup cooked with veges and tofu to finish with
  • 1/2 Duck Skin with meat Only
  • Stir-fried noodle with chicken
  • Deep-fried egg tofu
  • Bean with Minced Pork and Black Olive
  • Shanghai soup dumpling

As thought, the duck was beautifully crispy, juicy and pleasant at the same time. I love the 2nd course the most but still can’t figure out what type of veges they stir-fried the meat with hummmm. We all were quite disappointed with the dumpling though, it doesn’t have much soup inside – quite dry actually.


Eventhough Ryan and I had no particular “cherry on top” moments during the meal it was still quite a big feast with yummy food. And if in case you are looking for a good Peking Duck place in Auckland, New Zealand, you know where to go now.

Ryan F. & Erin M.