We arrived at The French Café Mt.Eden – one of the most fine dining in town, earlier then our booking time for our date night. The team in charge showed exquisite levels of service by taking us to a lovely table looking out to the back yard where there was a little wood fire on. With so many fascinating options on the list, we both decided to do tasting menu instead, together with a fine bottle of Sav.


The amuse crisp chips served with fresh guacamole as the chef’s special welcoming, along with salmon cone & their on-the-list organic rye bread, smoked and cultured butte were quite pleasant to start off with. Our first dish on the list was Heirloom Tomatoes – an interesting combination of melon, fresh curd, gazpacho & basil. As shown on the photo, it was immaculately conceived and prepared, which I thought was refreshing and sparkling at the same time.


Our second dish, Kingfish Ceviche served with prawn and avocado on top was surprisingly elegant, as were the crunchy-ish young coconut with lime leaf that accompanied – very interesting ingredients which I thought was quite rare in French cuisine. A brilliant touch !


We then had our top moments when the Crayfish Carbonara was served – a heartfelt dish of care and attention to detail with exceedingly enlightened ingredients: pancetta, zucchini flowers, parsley & lemon. This was absolutely superb – original, consistently pleasing but rich and flavourful. I always love fried parsley on top of my dish though, even better this time when it all came together with these faultless hand-made paste as well as the refined sauce which burst into the mouth. The crayfish was perfectly cooked with just the right texture and flavor. I thought I nearly had a stroke lol and we both agreed we will come back for just this next time !


Next course was a luxury and rich to the core Organic Lamb  – perfectly tasty and tender lamb piece, fragrant peas & tomato, light and delicate ricotta beignets and fresh yoghurt with mint in support .

Final in our list was Duck Breast cooked with caramelised peaches, fennel, honey & lavender. I was full-up after 4 dishes plus 3 entries; Ryan found it was too much as well so we did not really enjoying it. We canceled our cheese board also and went straight to dessert which was a basic summer pavlova.

In general, the experience was faultless with the highest levels and truly graceful service, food and atmosphere. We will come back (for the Crayfish Pasta!)

Ryan F. & Erin M.