Yoo hoo !

Okidoki so, I love noodle you guys should know by now for sure. Vietnamese noodle soup carry a competed meal in one serve and always perfect for either breakfast, lunch, or even supper. Unlike any other Vietnamese noodle dish, Bun thai is a special fusion of Thai and Vietnamese style in one single bowl – not too strong like real Thai food, yet sour and spicy. And if you are not a vegetarian, you can replace all below filling by prawn, beef, fish cake, etc…



  • Soup: 1lt of vegan stock + 2 large lemon grass + 2 tspn of dried tamarind
  • Filling: 1 large tomato, quartered + your fav mushroom + fried tofu cubes
  • Paste: Tomato puree + finely chopped lemon grass + finely chopped red chillies
  • Other: finely chopped leeks, salt, sugar, cooking oil, your fav rice noodle and other fresh herbs



  1. For the Paste: Over high heat cooking pan, add oil, then Tomato puree + finely chopped lemon grass + finely chopped red chillies. Bring to fragrant. Divide into 1 large and 1 small portion. Leave to rest.
  2. For the Soup: with your ready-to-use vegan stock, add 2 large lemon grass in, bring to boil. Soak tamarind into warm water, use a spoon to slightly press and for the juice to release. Add tamarind juice into the soup. When above Paste is done, add the large portion in. Bring to boil again, season to taste.
  3. For the filling: sauté leeks until fragrant, then add chopped tomatoes first, then your fav mushroom + tofu. Add in small portion of above Paste. Taste then add more salt or sugar if needed. If you cook with meat/seafood, do the same.

Serve hot with your fav herbs on top or aside !

Bon appétit

Erin M. ❤