I am not a strict vegetarian, but 4 days within a month – 1 at beginning of the month, 2 full moon days and 1 at the end of the month according to the moon calendar. Having vegan food 4 days in a month like that keep me healthy, fit, and feeling happy. Rice vermicelli indeed an easy type of noodle to prepare yet a low carb ingredients everyone should have too.

Only in 4 steps and does not require many complicated ingredient, so give it a try !


200gr of rice vermicelli

– 2 tspn of sesame oil

– white part of leek

– Any type of your fav vege (baby corn, broccoli, chinese cabbage, etc…)

– salt, pepper, soya sauce to taste.


– Bring water to boil, cook vege separately with a bit of salt, rince through cold water, leave to rest.

– Soak rice vermicelli in cold water for 5mins (or until soften)

– Over med heat cooking pan, saute leek until fragrant then quickly toss the rice noodles

– Turn off the heat, add in cooked vege, sesame oil, soya sauce and pepper then mix well.


Bon appetite

Erin M. ❤