We all love fries. Yes, we do. Fries are surprisingly simple to make, yet ultimate indulgence. When I hang out with friends, (and as I do not drink anymore), I will be the one to finish all the fries we ordered :). Especially my bf, he loves fries as much that it becomes his regular side dish pretty much every weekend lunch. I do not have to worry about my weight when enjoying these with him also, I will tell you why below.

And if my “all about technical” bf can make these in 2 mins, you can too. And I will show you how.



– Potato, salt, and whichever extra seasoning you like (paprika, mustard, cheese, curry,  garlic powder, mixed italian herbs etc…)

– Dipping sauce: 3 mayonnaise + 1 chili sauce.


– Peeled and cut the potatoes into small and (3~4cm) thin size sticks, depends on shape of each potato.

– As peeling and cutting, put the cut ones in a large bowl of cold water with 1 tspn of salt

– When done, drain and rinse again with fresh cold water. Many like to leave them in the refrigerate for 1 or 2 hours, but as I normally cook them instantly, cold water with some ice cube will do.

– Over medium heat large frying pan, in small batches, quickly stir and fry them until golden brown.

– Transfer finished fries to paper towels to drain and get rid of any extra oil.

– Sprinkle any extra seasoning before serving.


A few things for your to note:

– I do not double-fried them, real bad and increase your chance of getting a heart attack or obesity.

– When leaving cut potatoes in salt water, it will be crispy later on without double-fried, or adding any extra salt at the end – again, too much salt is bad for your heart.

This method makes it easy – yet not too bad for your health – to achieve as perfect as the basis for poutine with steak, burger, or just itself together with a cool glass of beer – lemon juice for my case 😉 .

Bon appetit

Erin M. ❤