Cookies are the easiest thing you can make in the kitchen and with only 5 basic ingredients: butter, sugar, egg, flour, chocolate. Im not a “baking” person, I do not prefer to work with any type of cake, dessert or sweet stuff – yet this is exceptional.

I like my cookies being warmed up before serving together a hot cup of tea, or warm milk; as a quick snack, or just simply my after-work treat.



– 150gr of softened unsalted butter

– 100gr of brown sugar – chewiness secret

– 1 large egg

– 250gr of plain flour

– 1/2 tspn of baking soda (be careful when using this)

– As much choco chips as you want

– 1 pinch of salt , 1 pinch of vanilla for flavor enhancer in sweets. If you use salted butter, no need for any salt here

COOKING STEPS: (even easier)

– Oven at 190 C, already line up baking trays with non-stick banking paper.

– In a large bowl, whisk together the flour + baking soda; set aside

– In another large bowl, combine butter and both sugars; beat very hard until light and fluffy. Even better if you have an electric mixer.

– Add the egg + vanilla and salt if you are using; beat until well mixed

– Add above flour mixture ; and finish by the chocolate chips.

– Use a teaspoon, place each spoon of the mixture a bit far away from another, bake for 8-10mins until brown


It might not come out in perfect sizes like you on the internet, so you might need to practice a bit on how much of the mixture you place on the baking sheet. My tips: at least 5cm space between cookies so they don’t spread into each other; use  ice cream scoop to spoon the mixture or even small muffin tins. Other than that, all ready for your lovely tea time 😉

Bon appetit

Erin M. ❤