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XO sauce is a special combination of seafood and other spices, that originated from Hongkong. This sauce is perfect for any stir-fried dish (of fish, meats, vege, tofu and just noodle itself), fried rice, or just  as a condiment on the side of main dishes

I have done many stir-fried noodle dish before, yet never tell my secret : I do stick to 1 rule of thumb – boiled each ingredient first (noodle, carrot, beans etc..), stir-fried each separately with either garlic or onion, then combine and mix all up. Step by step of what to be cooked first as below


– Your fav noodle. Cooked with salt until done. Rinse through cold water. Leave to rest

– Carrot, peeled, cut into small and thin pieces, quickly rinse through hot water, leave to rest

– Beef, cut into stir-fried size, marinated with a bit of salt, and oyster sauce

– Onion, peeled, cut into long pieces

– Chopped garlic, salt, pepper, XO sauce



– Over high heat pan, saute garlic, then add carrot, stir well for 1 min, add 1 pinch of salt. Leave aside

– In that same pan, saute onion first, then add beef. Quickly stirring for another 1 min or until the beef is half-ly done. Leave aside, together with the carrot

– In that same pan, saute garlic, add XO sauce, turn off the heat, then add noodle, and above combination. Add only salt or sugar if needed. Taste

Bon appetit

Erin M.<3