When I travel (and especially when its freaking cold or starting to snow), a hot bowl of beef brisket on rice or noodle is just a life saver.
This can be made over-nite by thermal pot, or braised with low heat for 3 hours. Many recipe I found often pre-cook the beef to remove scums first then seal all other seasoning over high heat cooking pan. My method will be a bit different as I believe marinating meat before letting it touches the heat will be better – so again do feel free to adjust any step or seasoning or ingredients that suit you and your cooking style.

– 0.5kg beef brisket, cut into chucks, clean with shaoxing wine, then rinse under boiled water. Tendon is optional.
– Marinating sauce: 2 tbsp of oyster sauce + 1 tbsp of dark soya sauce + 1/2 tbsp of kimcap + 1/2 tbsp of finely chopped garlic
– 1 big white radish, peeled and cut into beef brisket size
– 1lt of beef stock
– 2 small pieces of ginger, sliced and slightly smashed
– 1 small cinnamon stick (too much will be bitten)
– 2-3 star anise
– 2 tbsp of Chu Hou sauce
– 5 tbsp of shaoxing wineimage-7bfa59c93502d648cd2cb5fd2019c671dfb0c1c08ebbb5dc3aeff78ee144c896-V~2
– Marinate with beef with above marinating sauce, for at least 3 hrs, or overnite
– Over med heat, saute garlic + cinnamon + star anise together to release its aromatic
– When fragrant, add the beef, and continue stirring until brown then add Chu Hou sauce + shaoxing wine. Stir well, taste. It supposed to be not too sweet and salty.
– Add in radish, stir well before pouring in the stock
– Before cook in thermal pot/slow cooker overnite, or lower the heat and simmer for at least 3-4hrs, I will remove both cinnamon and star anise at this stage
– Serve hot with rice, or any of your fav noodle.

Note:Do not substitute both Cho Hou sauce and Shaoxing wine with anything, nor oyster sauce, teriyaki sauce or anything that look similar, and you will be fine 🙂

Bon appetite
Erin M. ❤