Right, lemongrass, it is a funny ingredients – not too mention it has antifungal and antibacterial properties. When outside is cold, you cook something with lemongrass, it will definitely warm your up. But it is hot outside, lemongrass will just on the other hand give you this breeze easy in da tummy feeling.  Health benefit from lemongrass includes stimulating lactation, blood circulation, digestion as well as reducing the toxins, unhealthy fats, cholesterol, uric acid, and so on and so on.

So here you go, my treat, another easy Asian recipe for your dinner with family


– Chicken thigh, bonesless, skinless or with skin is up to you, about 800gr

– fish sauce, crushed garlic, chopped lemongrass (or even better with a food processor), chilli flakes or chopped fresh chilli, pepper, oyster sauce, salt and sugar


– Marinate the chicken with 1 tspn of crushed garlic + 2 tspn of lemongrass, 1 tspn of finely chopped chilli + 1 tspn fish sauce + 1 tspn fish salt + ½ tspn of sugar + ½ tspn of pepper + 1 tspn of your normal cooking oil

DSC_4143 (1)

– Leave to rest from 30- 45 minutes.

– Feel free to adjust seasoning at this stage to fit with you or your family (add more lemongrass, loss the salt but more fish sauce, etc…)


– Over a high heat cooking pan, quickly saute a bit of crushed garlic and lemongrass

– Bring to fragrant then add the marinated chicken, quickly stirring your chicken until brown.

– Reduce to med heat, add 2 tspn of oyster sauce, and continue stirring lightly until done. Some will choose to use fresh coconut juice instead of oyster sauce – but if in that case, stirring until the sauce thicken.

– Serve with hot steam rice, or even bread as you wish !


Bon appetite

Erin M.<3