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There is another easy peasy lemon squeezy recipe anyone can do within a few mins. Kids love this too, so instead of those chicken nudges, I do recommend you to try this though.


– Cooked jasmine

– 1 piece of skinless and boneless salmon fillet

– Roasted sesame

– Kayabaki sauce:  1 soy sauce, 1 mirin wine and 4 sugar


Over a mid heat saucepan, place soy sauce, mirin wine and sugar and simmer from 2-3mins until thicken. Leave to rest


– In another high heat frying pan, add a bit of oil before placing salmon in

– When one side started to be brown, brush Kabayaki sauce on

– Flip the fish over and do it again with the other side for another 2 mins. Depends on how pink you want, feel free to adjust your cooking time accordingly.

– Serve hot with rice, and garnish with roasted sesame seeds on top