Yoo hoo

I did not create this dish myself, but was inspired by seeing this Cheese and Egg Udon at a Japanese restaurant in Vietnam. It was difficult to find an authentic recipe any where, so I guess that restaurant created their own dish as well. I replaced quite many ingredients in this case, as compare to their version, so it fits with my eating habit and you should do so as well.

And when collaborating with Nhom Nhem Show – one of many famous digital cooking show in Vietnam, I have brought this recipe with me



– 1 pack of Sanuki udon (around 170g, but I only use half of it)

– 1 poached egg (search for the “making the eggs” part only)

– Some grated mild cheddar cheese

– Chopped fresh mint (to replace spring onions or scallions)

– Caramelized onions (to replace bonito flakes or in the restaurant case – chopped bacon and something like fried batter flakes)

– Spicy Italian Herb Seasoning – which is a combination of Oregano; Marjoram; Thyme; Basil; Rosemary; Sage ; Chilli flakes; salt and pepper (to replace seasoned seaweed flakes)

You can now start to “play” around with how you want your dish to look like – yet make sure that your udon and egg are still hot !


Bon appetite!

Erin M. ❤