Baking can be a fun and rewarding experience; and eating your end result is even better! I hate baking dessert to be honest – I still do not know why, but I do like to play with my muffin tins.

INGREDIENTS: this is for 6 little goodness

– 200gr of lean turkey mince

– 100gr of shell macaroni

– Grated cheddar cheese, as your desired

– 1 big tomato

– 1/2 onion

– Finely chopped thyme, oregano, garlic

– Salt, pepper, cooking cream, cooking butter, 1 cup of milk


– Cut tomato in small pieces; then 4mins in the microwave. I made this, to replace tomato paste

– Saute onions and garlic with butter in a pan over med heat, then brown turkey mince. Season, then add thyme, oregano.

– Turn on the heat, add in cream and milk and stir well, season again if need to

– At the very end, mixed well your “tomato”


– Fill the in your muffin tins, sprinkle cheese and a few thyme, oregano on top before “bake” them over high heat oven. This will be ready in another 3-4mins


These are quite possible for anyone to try once. These can also be great appetizer, finger food party, or just your daily left-over lunch.


Bon appetite

Erin M.<3