So I have not really been writing anything much, since last year Nov. But I am back for more this time (yes, I am very much in writing and typing kinda mood eventually); and as I am in a longgg holiday now in NZ, I will try to have some entries for all of the goodness I have been (and still) creating in this Kiwi land 🙂

As always, my method of cooking is just like how you feel it, how you want to create it, and doesn’t always have to be the “exact” version – coz we all have our own taste ( and trust me, also at your different one at different stage of life), and our own preferred type of ingredients. Ergo again, please do feel free to change/add/adjust as your wish 🙂


– 200gr of pork mince, NOT the lean one. Toss with a bit of salt and brown sugar

– 3 eggs, beaten well with a bit of salt and sugar

– 250gr of rice noodle

– Chives, lime, roasted peanut, peanut butter, spring onion, soya sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar,  bean sprouts



Gently warm up 3tsp of oyster sauce + 1 tsp of peanut butter + 2 tsp of dark soya sauce + 1/2 tsp of vinegar + sugar at your desire. Stir well, and leave to rest


– Stir-fried quickly the eggs in a high heat pan to scramble. Leave to rest

– Repeat with your pork mince, but with a bit of garlic first this time. Leave to rest

– Cook your noodle in cold water till boiled and done with a bit of salt. Rinse well under cold water. Then add a bit of cooking oil to prevent them sticking back together.

– This is the trick: Taste before you hit up your sauce again. Then add and mix well your eggs, mince and noodle together with the sauce.

– Turn on the heat again, med low, quickly add chives and bean sprouts

– Garnish with lime wedges, spring onion and roasted peanut


Bon appetite

Erin M.<3