Right though, my sister has been asking me to make this “5 courses of chicken” for a long time with her cute face on ( I cant stand “cute face” haha), I ended up buying a big chicken – I didnt kill the chicken just FYI – and made this big serve for her. This recipe may taste like it took hours to cook, but its surprisingly fast that there is family gather and you are looking for a good solution, I do recommend you to try this fabulous chicken recipe



–         1 big chicken, no “hair” pls, you can also choose to cut off its “a**”

–         1 onion, finely chopped

–         Spring onion, fried dried shallot, sticky rice, chinese celery, salt, pepper, lemon juice, oyster sauce


Course 1 + 2: the soup + boiled chicken

–         Best way to “cook” your chicken is to put it on cold water with a bit of salt

–         In addition to its “best way” is to cook with low heat, from 20-30mins for 1 big chicken to be cooked properly

–         Cut chicken into small part, apart from chicken breast and serve as 1 course

Course 3: sticky rice

–         Just like how you cook your rice in a rice cooker, different is adding chicken fat into it

–         Cook spring onion quickly with half a spoon of sugar over high heat

–          When serve, put spring onion sauce on top

Course 4: stir fried junk (heart, liver, etc…)

–         Quickly stir fried your chicken “junk” first with some garlic

–         Season in some salt and pepper before adding chinese celery at the end

–         Add 2 spoon of oyster sauce for better taste and color

Course 5: Chicken salad

–         Shred your chicken breast nicely and mixed with 2 spoon of lemon juice

–         Quickly stir fried your onion over high heat, and leave to rest

–         Mixed chicken and onion together

Bon appetit!

Erin M.