Hi, this post will include all the tips that you might think “oh, it is easy” before, but might blow your mind when you go through one by one 🙂


1. Scramble eggs: 

– Do not season it before cook. Do not beat them up before cook too

– Add half a spoon of butter together with the eggs. Stir well over high heat. Take off the stove, keep stirring. Then on the stove, and off again. Do it around 4 times, while keep stirring.

– Finish with half a spoon of fresh cream + salt + pepper

2. Keeping Vege green:

– In boil water, put salt in, then vege, then salt. Cook salt with vege, not when finish

– Do not cover with lid unless you want dark green color

– Rinse through with cool water, or ice water to keep its color.

3. Slide goat cheese to not break it

– Deep your knife into hot water for 1sec, then cut the cheese

4. Quick sauce for any salad/on top of potato crush salad:

– Water + Olive oil + lemon juice + salt + pepper

5. Secret of the pineapple:

– Cook pineapple with beef brisket can tenderize the beef in real fast time

6. Crispy everything 

– Rinse a small amount of salt on top of chicken/pork/fish skin before roasting

7. Easy stuffing for roasted meat:

– Cooked mushroom (dried, no watering) + spinach + thick cream cheese

– To not letting the filling coming out, cover with 1 touch of oil

8. Making spicy baked bean:

– Bacon + garlic + onion + whisky sauce + chilly + vinegar + tomato puree

9. Simpy amazing chips:

– Quickly cook with boiled water for 3mins. Take off, drain, season with salt+pepper+paprika. Oven with butter 180oC, 20mins

10. Vege pizza base:

– Smash well broccoli/cauliflower/zucchini. Add 1 egg. Oven with 180oC, 5mins. Add topping on top, then oven again for a tasty pizza with no scratch