So I have not been able to do much posting, but I will try to be back with as many recipes as possible :). Having said that, you are so in for my treat today, with this easy cheesy Mince and Cheese Pie recipe – a classic NZ savoury pie !! About the puff, its best if you can get rough puff pastry; if not, shortcrust pastry, butter puff pastry are fine too.

Bare with me this time as I have lost all the pics for “step by step” 😦



–         500gr Beef Mince

–         1 onion, finely chopped

–         1 carrot, finely chopped

–         1 cup of beef stock

–         1 cup Anchor Tasty Cheese, grated + Parmesan Cheese

–         Butter, Olive oil, Puff Pastry, salt & pepper to taste


–         Heat olive oil in a pan, gently caramelize the onions, then carrot. Leave to rest

–         Another hot pan, cook the mince with butter. Tossing at times until brown

–         Once fragrant, add the cooked onions+carrot. Then beef stock

–         Simmer until the mixture thickens. Season to salt & pepper. Taste it

–         For mini pie, you can use muffin tin. For big one, use big baking one for pie 😛

–         Place one layer of pastry at the bottom – make sure to have the bottom bigger than the top.

–         Spoon in the mince filling

–         Before top with another layer of puff pastry, add loads of cheese. Seal the edges. Cut the extra edges off.

–         Brush the tops with beaten egg.

–         Oven bake until with 180oC

–         Serve with your fav vege or just crispy chips

Pies are not so hard to make, and it is your choice to replace or add in any other extra ingrediesnt ( mushroom, junk, pepper, etc…). Have fun making the mini ones especially for family gathering !

Bon appetit!

Erin M. ❤