Hi !!!

This version of spring-roll is not that popular – yet people from middle area of Vietnam do have different ways to make this. My treat of this Corn springroll’s light taste and healthy ingredients can be just another good idea for tonite supper, or finger food party on a hot summer day 🙂



–         250gr of corn

–         Sugar, salt, tapioca scratch

–         Rice spring roll paper


–         Finely chopped half of the corn or use a food processor

–         Mixed corn seed + finely chopped corn + 1/2 spoon of salt + 1/2 spoon of tapioca scratch


–         Use a coffee spoon to measure how much to put on as filling. I normally put 1 spoon for 1 roll

–         Start putting your combination as follow. Do not wrap them to tight, leave some space as it will puff while frying. The trick is, do not wrap them tight, but loose.


–         Quickly deep fried your springroll over high heat


You can choose to add bean vermicelli, bean, ear fungus or pork mince. Or, if you are just another cheese lover like me, add cheese 🙂 Do not put too much salt, or use any sugar, coz corn and tapioca scratch already have its special savor. Served hot with your fav dipping sauce!!

Bon appétit!

Erin M.<3