Hi !!!

I am ever so sorry I could not do any post recently, and it should have been a month now…I was sick to the point that I was not even allowed in the kitchen though.

You are in for today treat actually – one of the most famous and familiar Vietnamese dish – Springrolls (or egg-rolls). We do have many ways of making these yummy and tasty goodies indeed. Yet this time, I will show you the Northern and Southern style first 🙂



–         500gr of lean pork mince

–         2 eggs

–         2 cloves of shallot, finely chopped

–         4 ear fungus, finely chopped

–         Spring onion, finely chopped

–         A few Chinese yellow bean vermicelli/meehoon (miến), soaked with warm water, finely cut

–         Pepper, sugar, tapioca scratch

–         Rice spring roll paper


–         Mixed well mince pork+ spring onion+ bean vermicelli+ ear fungus+1 spoon of salt + ½ spoon of sugar + pepper+ + eggs


–         Use a coffee spoon to measure how much to put on as filling. I normally put 1 spoon for 1 roll

–         Start putting your combination as follow. Do not wrap them too tight, leave some space as it will puff while frying. The trick is obvious, do not wrap them tight, but loose.




–         Quickly deep fried your springroll over high heat


This dish is not difficult to make, though my tip is to use 30-70 fat vs.meat ratio so your springroll will not be dried out while frying.

If you replace bean vermicelli with bean, and ear fungus with finely chopped carrot, then add finely chopped taro, you have the Southern style of Spring Roll 🙂

Serve hot with dipping sauce

Bon appétit!

Erin M.<3