It is kinda late (night time in Vietnam), but its the only time of the day I got to spend on my own kitchen, and literally blogging/typing recipes that I really love to do. This time – Banh Canh or tapioca noodle soup 🙂


–         500 ml of Pork broth

–         200gr of Pork mince

–         200gr of prawn, separate its head and the meat part. In food processor, mince prawn meat. We will use the head (without shell) to make color for the soup

–         Spring onion, finely chopped

–         Shallot, finely chopped

–         Parsnip, quartered and in 2cm long pieces

–         Banh Canh noodle. either dried or fresh. I will show how to make real fresh Banh Canh noodle below

–         Pepper, fish sauce, sugar, salt

–         optional garnish: spring onion, pork roll, fried shallot, vege, mushroom


–         Ingredients: 2 tapioca flour +1.5 rice flour + 1/2 spoon of salt + 1.5 warm water

–         Mixed well tapioca + rice flour + salt in a large bowl first   

–         Slowly pour your portion of warm water slowly into the mixed. You can use either your hand or a large spoon to mixed it up.

–         Keep stirring until the dough is soft, and no sticky left-over-flour on your hands/spoon. 

–         Divided your dough into different portion, wrap in baking foil and leave to rest for 10-15mins

–         On a flat surface, spary a bit of flour first, then roll your portion of dough until flat

–         You can cut your Banh Canh noodle now, and separate them by dusting more flour over the top

–         To store it, put each portion in clean plastic zip bag, then keep it in the fridge for 3-4 days max. Or freezer for up to 1 month. But remember after you defrost it once, you cant put it back into the freezer


–         Mixed well pork mince + prawn + spring onion + pepper + Shallot + 1 spoon of fish sauce + 1/2 spoon of sugar + 1/2 spoon of salt


–         Make nice little meat balls


–        With the pork broth, add a few pieces of parsnip for better taste. Season it with 3 full table spoon of salt + 2 spoon of fish sauce + 2 spoon of sugar. Taste it, adjust if necessary 


–        Over high heat, cook meat balls together with the soup

–        When done, leave to rest a side

–        In another hot pan, over high heat, heat up 1/2 table spoon of oil, quickly saté the prawn head with 1/4 spoon of salt. Lets call this our “prawn paste”


–        Optional serving as below. If you do not have time to make the meatballs, skip it. Instead, use pork ribs while making pork broth + pork roll to serve with your Banh Canh



– To always make and put this “prawn Paste” into your Banh Canh serving, it will make your soup look naturally nice and adding in that “mouthwatering” flavor

– The thicker the “prawn paste”, the better your Banh Canh color will look and the stronger its taste

– Do not blend the prawn’s head with a food processor, but use a large spoon to smash them up

– For the made of fresh Banh canh, use “warm”, not “hot” water when mixing the dough

Bon appétit !!!

Erin M.<3