Yoo Hoo,

Others might think 6pm is “rush-hour” as its time for mum/wife rushing home for making dinner. But to me, as my family does not eat much of a dinner, 6am in the morning is my “rush-hour” instead. And yes, I am living with my mother – it’s part of our culture, and eventhough I am not entirely happy with that, my work kept me running and not being at home with her much. Breakfast seems to be the only time of the day we get to sit down and talk over things that happened during the day before.

Enough said, my point is, breakfast need to be fast. I will show you how to quickly make a yummy and healthy stir-fried noodle to solve your morning/brunch/dinner tragedy 🙂



–         200gr of your favorite noodle (rice noodle, vege noodle like mine, pho, etc..)

–         2 eggs, beaten well with ¼ table spoon of salt

–         Fish ball, prawn ball

–         2 cloves of shallot, finely chopped

–         100gr of bean sprout and chives

–         Soya sauce, sesame oil, pepper, sugar, salt



–         Quickly stir-fried the eggs. Leave to rest


–         In another hot pan, DO NOT use oil, but sesame oil to stir-fried fishball + prawn ball. Leave to rest


–         In another big hot pan, bring shallot to fragrant


–         Quickly stir-fried the bean sprout mixed with chives


–         When you chives turn dark green, put noodle + balls + eggs, together with more ½ spoon of sesame oil + ½ spoon of sugar + ¼  spoon of salt + ¼ spoon of soya sauce


–         Stir well, taste it and serve when it’s still hot

Bon appétit!

Erin M. ❤