Hi !!!

Nobody ever I have heard saying “no” to a burger – either from a fastfood chain store, to a home made tasty one. Adding in to my list of quick-and-easy recipes, let me show me 3 different types of filling for making a quick burger. For beef patties, I promise to do it at soonest 🙂



–         Fish fillet / chicken breast fillet / steak

–         Breadcrumb

–         2 eggs

–         Slided cheese

–         Salt, pepper

–         Optional filling: lettuce, tomato, fried eggs ( sunny up),  gherkin, sauté onion

–         Optional simple sauce that I normally made: mayo mixed with fresh chopped cucumber, or simply ketchup mixed with mayo


–         For steak, please check my perfect steak recipe

–         For fish and chicken fillet, marinated with salt and pepper first, leave to rest for 10mins

–         In 1 large bowl, beat 2 eggs well


–         Deep fish/chicken fillet into the eggs first, then coat with breadcrumb

–         In another hot pan, over medium heat, deep fried your fillet.

–         Served with chips/wedges and your fav garnish

Bon appétit!

Erin M. ❤