Yoo hoo

So yes, this is my third article that I worked with Lumière Studio & Cafe for Con Bo Cuoi campaign, published on 07.04.2014 – The Gioi Phu Nu magazine !!!!

This dish is surprisingly fast, and with just a few easy cooking steps, anyone can be a cook though 😀




–         4 eggs

–         100gr of lean pork mince

–         Cheese cube

–         Salt, pepper, sugar

–         Spring onion, shallot, garlic (optional) – finely chopped

–         Carrot – finely chopped

–         Optional: 1 spoon of fish sauce


–         Mixed well 4 eggs with spring onion+1 spoon of salt + ½ spoon of sugar + pepper+ 1 spoon of fishsauce (optional if you like strong flavor)


–         Bring garlic + shallot to fragrant, quickly fry the eggs. Leave to rest


–         In another hot pan, add pork mince + carrot+1/2 spoon salt + ½ spoon of sugar. You can choose to add cheese cube now with the mix if you use hard cheese. If not, wait until rolling


–         Put the filling in the middle, and start rolling the eggs


–         You can cut your egg rolls into pieces when serving

I will have one more article in which I cooperated with this team, and it will be up on 14.04.2014. Thanks for all your support !!!

Bon appétit!

Erin M. ❤