Yoo Hoo,

This is the second article that I cooperated with “Con Bo Cuoi” and Lumière Studio & Cafe for my project 😀 Published on 17.03 print, The Gioi Phu Nu 🙂 Two full pages !!!

I have to admit that I am a meat lover. No, that’s a lie. I am a BEEF lover. And just like its not yet having enough excitement to these quickie finger food, or quick yummy supper; these tasty cheese just jazz up the ordinary, even more

Beef & Pack 27 FEB


–         300grs of beef schnitzel

–         Cheese string. Or cut cheese in long pieces

–         2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

–         Optional filling: capsicum in different colors, asparagus, cucumber, carrot, etc…. Cut into long small pieces

–         Soya sauce, pepper


–         Marinated the beef with ½ spoon of soya sauce, garlic, ¼ spoon of sugar, ¼ spoon of pepper. Leave to rest for at least 15 mins.


–         One by one putting each filling into the middle of your beef schnitzel


–         Tie each up with a piece of toothpick


–         Quickly fried or spray with oil then oven for 2mins over high heat


 Another 2 articles will be released soon, until then….Bon appétit!

Erin M. ❤