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I am ever so happy that finally my work got published in one of our top Vietnamese magazines for woman, full 2 pages of their cooking section, promoted for “Con Bo Cuoi” branded cheese in Vietnam 🙂 . This was the project that I mentioned earlier, and with the help of a very kind lady, we made it happened like I would never expected before!

And as promised, I am re posting this recipe again on my page, so that you will actually know what really happened behind the “scene” 😀

Meat & Pack 4 Mar


–         400grs of pork mince

–         2 eggs yolk

–         Some cheese cube

–         2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

–         2 cloves of shallot, finely chopped

–         4 ear fungus, finely chopped

–         Spring onion, finely chopped

–         A few Chinese yellow bean vermicelli/meehoon (miến), soaked with warm water, finely cut

–         Half of a carrot, finely cut into very small pieces

–         1 tomato, finely chopped

–         Fish sauce, pepper, sugar, tomato paste, tapioca scratch, 100ml of pork stock


–         To make the sauce, first bring chopped garlic to fragrant then add tomato and tomato paste.

–         Season in some 2 table spoon of sugar + 1 table spoon of fish sauce + pork broth. Taste it, adjust sugar if necessary


–         Mixed pork mince + ear fungus + carrot + yellow bean vermicelli + spring onion + shallot


–         Mixed the combination well and make small equally size meatballs, also add in the cheese cube on top of the meatballs


–         Quickly fried the meatball over high heat until brown


–         Add in the sauce and turn to medium heat, simmer for 5 to 10mins

–         To make the sauce thick, you can add 2 table spoon of tapioca scratch mixed with cold water

–         For children, you can try to replace cheese with quails eggs instead

On a quick note, below is my article 😀 Another 3 articles will be released soon, until then….Bon appétit!

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