Yoo Hoo,

For those who love fish or fermented fish, this is definitely one of those Southwestern Vietnamese Cuisines you must try in your own kitchen, which its broth is made from fermented fish and loads of other extra goodies. Just a quick heads-up, both its aroma and flavor are quite strong; yet worth trying!

bún mam


–         500grs of thick rice noodle ( or same as Bún Bò is fine)

–         250grs of fermented gourami fish

–         2 pieces of Fish fillet/cut (ling/ seabass)

–         200grs Roasted Pork

–         200grs of pork belly, cut into 2cm long

–         200grs prawn

–         200grs squid

–         2 big eggplants, cut into 3cm long then quartered

–         Finely chopped lemongrass + red chilies

–         Velily water lyly, chives, water spinach, bean sprouts…


–         Over high heat, cook fermented fish with 1lt of water until boiled. Then simmer for 30mins, until all the fish bone are separated.


–         In another hot pan, bring 50grs lemon grass + half of a fresh chilly+ 50grs of garlic to fragrant.


–         Take out the fish bone, or simply pour above stock into another pan slowly and leaving all the bone behind + above combination to the pot. Add extra fish stock/pork stock if necessary


–         Over medium heat, slowly cook eggplant, fish, prawn, squid, pork belly and leave each aside.

–         Until now you can taste your stock, and add more sugar if necessary.

–         Served thick rice noodle, roasted pork and veges

TIPS: By cooking each filling together with the stock, its already add both flavor and savor into your stock without any extra seasoning.

Bon appétite!

Erin M. ❤