Grab one of your most favorite fish today, spice it up and make something super duper quick and easy for lunch/ dinner. And guess what, this steamed fish recipe is just another handful technique during your diet – totally low fat and low carb 😀



–         Fish fillet, or a whole fish

–         Fried shallot

–         Fresh spring onion, cut in 4cm long

–         Ginger, shredded

–         Some dill

–         Some fresh chilly

–         Dark soya sauce, rice wine, sesame oil as optional


–         Gently cut in the fish 2 to 3 cut. Not complete cuts, but just very thin ones to make your seasoning working well later

–          Marinated the fish with 4 full spoons of dark soya sauce + ginger + dill + 2 full spoons of rice wine + ½ spoon of sesame oil.

–         Top the fish, together with the sauce in a large steamer basket and started to steam, covered for 15mins

–         When finish, take out the fish

–         Pour your sauce into another pan, simmer with extra soya sauce if necessary

–         Garnish your dish with fried shallot, fresh cut spring onion and chilly.

You can serve this dish with rice or just itself . Do feel free to reduce, cut or add in any extra herbs/spices that you feel like to have with your fish. You can also replace ginger with lemon, dill with rosemary, as long as those strong-fish-smell aint there to disturb your delight meal 🙂

Bon appétit!!

Erin M. ❤