Yoo hoo

So, currently my sister is on a very strict diet (owhh…so do I, a little :D). She takes both low carb and non-fat thingy, also no scratch. I happened to stay at home with her for lunch, so I made this low-fat, healthy yet quick and easy caramelized Pork to serve with her salad. And to be honest, it doesn’t get much better than this !




–         250grs of pork slides or the whole pork loin

–         2 shallots, peeled, finely chopped

–         Oyster sauce, kicap sauce (sweet soya sauce), pepper

–         USE a non-stick pan


–         Marinated the pork with 2 full spoons of kicap sauce, shallot and pepper. Leave it rest for 15mins


–         If you use pork loin, leave it rest for 1hour in the fridge before cook

–         Over medium heat, add very little oil and fresh shallot until fragrant.

–         Add the pork, turn to high heat and quickly stir it well. Do the same with pork loin


–         When you see your meat turning brown, and the sauce is thicken, add 2 full spoons of oyster sauce


–         Bring to boiled again, and simmer until done

–         Taste it again and add more salt if you want to serve it with rice

–         Optional serve: any kind of salad / sautéed apple / rice / noodle. With this as a base, you can add more herbs/spices for more flavor

–         Below are my Caramelized pork served with Apple Salad; and Caramelized pork served with steamed zucchini and berries sauce


TIPS: With our strict low-carb eating schedule, I avoid using sugar or salt too, but kicap to replace sugar (yet keeping that nice brownie color) and reduced-salt oyster sauce to replace salt.

Bon appétit!!

Erin M. ❤