Yoo hoo

It might sound easy, but this crabmeat noodle soup requires a few difficult and patient steps at the beginning. Yet it will only take around 30mins to get it onto the table. Serve this typical Vietnamese fresh, low-carb, tasty and fabulous cuisine for brunch on a hot summer day, I bet none can resist.

Most of the ingredients can be bought from any Vietnamese local market. For overseas, you can find them in China town, or Vietnamese supermarket



–         500kgs of fresh or dry rice vermicelli

–         400gram of fresh crab “mince” or canned ready-to-go crab meat

–         4 tomatoes. Quartered

–         2 shallot, peeled, finely chopped

–         Fried dried shallot

–         Fried cube tofu

–         A few fresh prawn (optional)

–         Half a lime

–         Fishsauce, pork broth, 1 egg, shrimp sauce (mam tom)

–         Ongchoy, herbs

–         Optional add-in: pork roll, cooked pork blood, pork ribs, etc…


–         If you use canned crabmeat, you can skip the first 3 steps


–         Use your hand to gently squeeze and stir, so all the crab meat come out, leaving only the shell left


–             Add 1 spoon of shrimp sauce into the liquid when done. Stir well


–             Cook over high heat, then reduce to low when boiled, you will started to see the “crab cake” started to form


–         Take the “crab cake” out, gently mixed with 1 egg ( do not stir too much). With canned crab meat, do the same


–         Put your “crab cake” back onto the pot, over low heat until it forms “cake” sharp again


–         Take it out of the pot, leave to rest


–         Add pork broth into the pot

–         In another hot pan, add oil and fresh shallot until fragrant. Then add tomato and a bit of sugar. When done, transfer into the pot


–         Season 2 spoons of fish sauce, 2 spoons of salt, 1 spoon of sugar + lime. Taste and adjust

–         Bring to boiled again, add fried cube tofu and other desired filling before serve

–         Or adding more filling and make a hot pot 🙂


TIPS: add pork mince into the “crab cake” if you want. Sauté tomato before adding into the pot will help to create nice “red” colour to the soup. Again, fish sauce will not make the dish being salty, but sour!

Bon appétit!!

Erin M. ❤