I am ever so sorry again, I was so busy for the past few days. Yet I will make it up by one recipe tonight, then will try to 2 more by Sat and Sun :). Enough said, Steak is something you just can’t resist. It is not that difficult to have your perfect Steak too



–         2cm thick cut of steak

–         Salt and pepper


–         Season the steak with salt and pepper

–         Heat up cooking pan over high heat. Add oil/butter and wait till heat up

–         Slide the steak in, press the steak gently with your fingers

–         Rare: 1 min each side

–         Medium rare: 2 mins each side

–         Medium: 2 and a half min each side

–         Medium to well-done: 3 mins each side

TIPS: Use your finger to continuing press and feel the steak. Flip it once!!! For Perfect Serve, leave it rest for another 3mins !

Bon appétit!!

Erin M. ❤