Good day

Whether it’s a cosy dinner you are planning for your family, a casual brunch with friends or just something delightful to enjoy on a sunny Saturday, I just have the exact thing for you to try this weekend. Enjoy the season’s freshest carrot and appetizing potatoes, together with tender beef brisket and fragrant green pepper, being well cooked in pâté and coconut juice; these are just so appealing even picky guests will be hooked!



–         500gr of beef brisket or shank. Cut into 4x2cm cube

–         2-3 potatoes. Cut into desired pieces

–         1 big carrot. Cut into desired pieces

–         250gr of Pâté

–         1 Fresh Coconut juice or 1 can of coconut juice

–         Green pepper

–         1 cloves of garlic. Crushed

–         Butter, salt, sugar, soya sauce


–         Marinated beef with 1 few crushed green pepper +1 table spoon of salt + ½ table spoon of sugar + 2 table spoon of soya sauce + 100gr of Pâté


–         On a hot pan, heat up 2 table spoon of butter


–         Quick stir fried the beef until brown


–         Transfer beef into slow-cooker pot, together with carrot + remained green pepper


–         Pour in coconut juice + remained Pâté. Cook in low heat for 15mins


–         While doing that, quickly fried the potato over high heat. Just to seal the surface, not to over-cook them.


–         Put potatoes in when done, taste it.


–         When done, taste it again. Season in more salt if necessary.

–         Serve with bread or rice

If you do not have a slow-cooker, here is my tips: Do not use Pressure Cooker when you Braise something, unless you do not have time. Its my honest advise, as I do not think Pressure Cooker keeps the same taste and that tenderness of your meat. If you do not have a slow-cooker, use a braising pot, or just any thick pot you have. Cook over very low heat for 30mins-45mins, partially covered. Turn off the stove, then fully cover the pot and leave to rest for 2-3 hours without opening it up or stirring it. Cook again for 15mins before serving.

REMEMBER to always partially fry your potatoes first before braising, you do not want to eat potato-powder !!!

Bon appétit!!

Erin M. ❤