Yoo hoo,

Yes, this dish is famous within the Asian community, but not that everyone dares to try. But having your mouth and shirt covers in black sauce sometimes can be fun and worth trying though. I know looking for the exact ingredients can be difficult, especially with Asian cuisine and when you are not living in Asia. Yet cooking to me is when you are able to create your own dish, based on what you have eaten somewhere else, signified something memorial or represented your journey. Authentic and perfect is when it is authentic and perfect to YOU 🙂




–         Thick noodle

–         250kg of beef cube (Rump steak, blank steak, etc…)

–         100gr of black soya bean paste

–         Potato, carrot, zucchini – chopped into 1mm cube

–         Optional: boiled eggs, cucumber, kimchi, etc…

Cooking step:

–         Boiled noodle with salt. Rinse through cold water. Leave to rest


–         Marinated beef with pepper, salt, sugar ( or liquid sugar), kicap sauce (dark sweet soya sauce), normal soya sauce


–         Sauté carrot and potato first, but a bit of Kicap sauce. Then Zucchini


–         In another hot pan, quick stir fried the steak until brown


–         In another hot pan, without oil, put 3 table spoon of soya paste, mix with water first. In my case, as I can’t find any black paste, I use golden paste mixed with kicap sauce instead


–         Add portion of vege and beef into soya paste pan, stir well


–         Taste it, add sugar to adjust to perfect taste

You can replace beef with pork, mushroom, chicken, seafood. If you cant find black soya base like my case, do golden one, then add kicap sauce, and more sugar. Let me know which type of ingredients you can find in your local store and how it come out 🙂

Bon Appétit !!

Erin M.<3