Yoo hoo,

It will not be a fair comparison if I say – you guys out there have McDonald, we Vietnamese have Broken Rice. But for those who have been to Saigon even once, this is just one of many amazing local dishes you must try. This wonderful piece of recipe, which I learnt from a very good friend of mine, helps making each and every single bite to that desired piece of thick, tender and juicy grilled pork chop being just like heaven




–         500gr pork chop. Perfect thick is 2cm

–         4 table spoon of soya sauce

–         1 table spoon of oyster sauce

–         ½ table spoon of Kicap sauce

–         1 table spoon of honey

–         1 table spoon of oil

–         3 cloves of shallot, crushed

–         4 table spoon of white rice wine


–         Marinated pork chop with shallot + soya sauce + oyster sauce + Kicap sauce (sweet dark soya sauce) + honey + oil + white wine rice


–         Leave to rest for 3hours, or overnight if possible


–         In oven with 180o or grill with medium high heat

–         When grill, keep rubbing the left over sauce each time turn the meat over

–         Serve with Broken rice and the sauce. Optional: pickled carrot, sunny-up eggs, sausages, tomato, etc…

MY TIPS: if you want you pork being tender and juicy at the same time, do not use salt when marinating, but soya sauce or fish sauce and always a bit of oil, leave it rest from 2 to 3 hours. Replacing sugar by honey will not make your pork chop being burn.

Bon Appétit for now. Be patient for a few more days, for my new excited project 🙂

Erin M.<3