Yoo hoo

I am ever so sorry again, I know it has been 4 days since my last post 😀 But trust me on this, I am preparing some really good stuff, and I will share with you in about a week time 🙂 I hope you will like my new upcoming project, and support more my passion of cooking and sharing it widely.

For tonight dinner, Erin M.’s kitchen proudly present to you, one of my many helpful recipes ever ( clap clap clap )



–          One whole fish, cut into pieces. Skin off or not is your choice

–          3 cloves of garlic. Crushed

–          Spring onion, chopped into 4cm long pieces

–          Pork belly fat, 100 gram, cut into cube size, deep fried

–          Fish sauce, brown sugar, pepper, fresh chilly


–          Heat up a cooking pan, or pot over medium high heat

–          Caramelize garlic with oil, until fragrant


–          Lower the heat, put 3 table spoon of fish sauce + 1 and a half table spoon of brown sugar together into the pot


–          When all sugar are melted, arrange your fish into the pot + 200ml of water ( if you have rice water, use it instead)

–         Season 1 table spoon of salt

–         Put into the pot also fried pork belly fat, cut spring onion, fresh chilly, pepper. Feel free to reduce either pepper or chilly if it is too hot for you

DSC_1210 (1)

–         Partly cover up the lit, still keep it at low heat, cook for 15mins

–         Taste it after 15mins of cooking. Add either more fish sauce, or sugar until perfect


MY TIPS: I am highly recommend you use Rice Water when you braise any kind of fish. It “washes” out that strong fishy smell as well as making your “sauce” thick and more tasty. A lot of Vietnamese people use Capsicum, or Green Tea or even banana leaf when braising fish to reduce its fishy taste too. You can do “double braising” – means after braised the fish once, leave it rest for 5-6 hours, then cook again over medium heat for another 30mins.

Bon Appetit for now, and please do wait for my new launching project !!!

Erin M.<3