Good morning !

Saturday is here. It is time for discovering new things, seeing new people, and having a new dish on your table, guys.

And ain’t you just realize that it is March now, we are still being so blessed with wonderful different type of veges on the crops?! Yet before another new working week gets you all busy again, do your grocery shopping now, get some fresh nice chucky bags of potato, and make what I call – Beauty Salad – one that both healthy, as well as keeping our stunning look last just longer at the same time :”>



–         4 to 5 big size potatoes

–         Finely cut chilly. Fried shallot and peanut for garnish

–         Summer salad sauce


–         Cut potatoes into thin and long pieces.


–         During cutting, leave the one that has already been done into a cold salty bowl of water, to keep it still fresh


–        When finish, put all your cut potatoes into another bowl of boiled water for around 3 mins. Stir nicely so our potatoes can be “cook”


–        When done, put potatoes straight into another bowl of cold water. Best to have ice in it. Stir nicely so potatoes do not get “poached”

–        Take them off, leave to rest


–         Having the sauce for Summer Salad ready

–         Mixing the potato with the sauce, stir well

–         Taste it. If it does not taste right to you, adjust with more lime or sugar, or even cut chilly if you want it to be hot.

–         Finish with fried shallot, chilly and peanut on top

MY TIPS: Rinse through cold water will help to make your potato goes back into being crispy and not break apart

I hope you will enjoy this whole new way of dealing with Potato, and do let me know how it works for you 🙂

Bon appétit !

Erin M. ❤