Yoo hoo,

TGIF ! and I am ever so sorry I didn’t have enough time for Weds’ post 😀 so I will release one recipe today, and one tomorrow ( I promise !)

Feb brings not only good gorgeous meat cut, but nice green, crispy yet fresh veges. This time, I will show you how to make an easy and quick dish – Pho Roll. This dish is good for your finger food party, brunch, or just something enjoyable for your mid-night supper 



–         500gram of beef. I buy tender loin, the part the has long shape size. Cut thin

–         3 cloves garlic. Crushed

–         4-5 cloves shallot. Peel, cut thin. Fried

–         Pho sheet. If you can’t get it from a local Chinese supermarket, you can get a pack of “wet rice paper” powder instead

–         Lettuce, basil

–         Addition / Optional: mushroom, etc…


–         Mixed rice sheet powder with the amount of water stated on the pack

–         On a medium hot non-stick pan, spray a very small amount of oil ( or ¼ table spoon)

–         Quickly pour above batter into the pan and swirl around; till your sheet up cover the pan. Do not cover

–         Quickly take it off when done. Leave it to rest. Rub through its surface with oil


–         Marinated cut beef with ¼ table spoon of salt +2 table spoon of oyster sauce+ crushed garlic + ½ table spoon of pepper.


–         Heat ¼ table spoon of butter or oil in a large pan over medium heat, quickly sauté the beef. Leave to rest

–         Set up a work station 


–         Arrange 1 layer of lettuce, then herb, and beef on top of rice sheet blanket


–         Start with the bottom, roll it up first


–         Continue roll from left to right until finish


–         Use a sharp knife, which already been rubbed with oil to cut

–         Finish with fried shallot on top and serve with Dipping Sauce


Serve this cuisine fresh from my kitchen, gather a few friends up,and I already see how my Saturday will end up already 🙂

Bon appétite!

Erin M. ❤