Yoo Hoo,

What I miss the most since I got back from NZ? That rich, savory, and cozy smells coming from a big pot of braised meat and toasted. Ummm, definitely! One day while doing shopping at a local supermarket in Saigon, I found these frozen Rabbit Legs – and with that Braised Meal thought in mind, I forgot all about buying any big chunk of pork or beef, but tempted to make these imported-from-French-Rabbit Legs work.


A delicious braised meal just does not wait until any particular season to be served on your dinner table. And if you have never done one before, you are certainly in for my treat today. Grab this piece of recipe, grab also some fresh veges from your nearest store, and turn your kitchen into a circus of flavorful magic


–         3-4 rabbit legs

–         2 large carrots. Peeled, finely cut into even-sized pieces

–         1 onion. Peeled, cut into even-sized pieces

–         3 cloves garlic. Crushed

–         2 table spoon of butter

–         2 table spoons of dried Rosemary

–         2 table spoons of dried Oregano

–         ¾ cup of red wine

–         Optional: celery, potato, mushroom, etc…


–         Marinated rabbit legs with ¼ table spoon of salt + ¼ table spoon of pepper+ crushed garlic

–         Heat ¼ table spoon of butter in a pan over medium heat, quickly sauté the onion with ¼ table spoon of salt. Put it a side


–         In another pan, continue with sauté the carrot with another ¼ table spoon of butter


–         Heat up the rest of your butter; quickly seal the rabbit legs up until brown.


–         Organize the legs nicely in a large braising pot over medium heat ( or slow cooker)

–         Transfer sauté onion + carrot into the pot


–         Add your portion of red wine, water, oregano and rosemary.

–         Season with 1 more table spoon of salt. Taste it. It is supposed to be a bit light at first. If it still does not taste right, add more red wine or salt


–         Cover up and cook (on stove or dutch oven) with medium heat for 1 hour or “braising” option with slow cooker.

–         Served with toasted bread

MY TIPS: you can replace water with broth, and redwine with white wine. Make sure you taste everything !

This braised Rabbit Legs is juicy yet tender at the same time – just a perfect dish to celebrate your night with loved ones. I hope you guys enjoy this recipe, and please do let me know how you go

Bon appétite!

Erin M. ❤