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So, its Friday, time for another cool, quick and easy recipe ! This time, let’s find out how to make a perfect Vietnamese Sour Soup.

This is a very traditional soup of Vietnamese’s Southern Mekong delta area people– an enchanted mixture of color vs. tastes and protein vs. veges. This time I will actually show you how to make this kind of soup in 4 different versions: with fish, prawn, pork-rib, and vegetarian (tofu and mushroom). For the sourness, a lot of people use tamarind or vinegar, but I prefer to use lime, and tomato for the flavor. Different people will definitely have different tastes and techniques when it comes to this dish. Hence, feel free to adapt to your own 🙂


–         Fish / Prawn / Pork-rib / Tofu and mushroom: Red tilapia fish, catfish, snakehead fish, seabass etc … / pick medium size shrimp or small prawn/  young pork ribs / pre-fried tofu in small pieces and fresh mushroom

–         2 Tomato, quartered

–         10 Okras ( đậu bắp ), fresh, evenly green, trimmed stem end, defuzz and sliced to even-sized pieces

–         ¼ of a pineapple. Sliced to even-sized pieces

–         2 tall petioles of colocasia gigantean ( bạc hà/dọc mùng). Removed leaf blade, and cut into smaller sections.

–         100gram bean sprout (giá)

–         100gram herbs: chopped Limnophila aromatic (rau ôm) and Eryngium foetidum (ngò gai/mùi tàu) for garnish

–         100gram garlic, finely chop, caramelized for garnish

–         1 chilly, finely chopped

–         Extra optional: Ong choy ( or water spinach) ( rau muống), or Limnocharis flava (kèo nèo)



–         Fish: clean carefully with salt, cut into 3 or 4 pieces. Marinate with half a table spoon of salt and pepper. Quickly pan-fried till medium rare

–         Prawn: depends on whether you like to shell and de vein the prawn or not.

–         Pork ribs: drain through with salted hot water

–         Tofu and mushroom: rinse clean and leave aside


–         Quick stir-fried the tomato until fragrant.

–         Season with ¼ table soon of sugar or less. Taste it ( we don’t want it sweet, we just want to calm its tart taste)

–         Add okra and pineaplle into the pan. Season with another ¼ table soon of salt. Taste it


–         Transfer all into a pot, then pour 800ml of water or fish broth

–         Bring to the boil, and add in the fish, together with chilly.


–         Turn off the stove. Taste it. Season with 5-6 table soon of salt, 1 lemon, 4 table soon of fish sauce, 3 table soon of sugar. Taste it again till it’s perfect for you

–         Garnish with Limnophila aromatic, Eryngium foetidum and caramelized garlic


–         Serve hot with rice


With Pork Ribs: Repeat above steps, but put the Pork Ribs together when stir-fried the tomato and okra. Use pork broth instead

With Prawns: Repeat exactly the same as with Fish

With Tofu: Use veges broth. Stir-fried tofu+mushroom together with tomato and Okra also

MY TIPS: Do stir-fry your ingredients first. Season it well when turning off the stove. After leave to rest for like 30mins, taste it again. This time, when all that sweet and sour become less tense, it is easier in adjusting your portion of sugar, lemon and fish sauce.

I hope my recipe will help viet girl find it easier to make this kind of soup for your family, friends and loved ones. And watch out, mother-future-in-law will test you with this dish. Lolz, I’m only joking gurls

Bon Appétite

Erin M. ❤