Hi Guys,

( Honestly, I paused for like 30mins not knowing what to say next after saying hi, I’m just too nervous right now !!! )

Alright, so lets get into it !


I am going to show you step by step how to make a quick and easy Lasagne. Thanks to a really good friend of mine, an authentic French person showing me how to make the white sauce. Yet hon, I’m a learning-by-doing type of person, I cant learn if I just hear the words ( sorry). I’m only joking. No, I am not :D. Actually, with less than 30mins (including oven time), I have got to switch from the white sauce to sliced-cheddar-cheese-for-burger, but it turned out delightful in a very unexpected way!  

2 golden rules: Season it and taste it 


–         6-8 slides of large Lasagne sheet. If you use those waving one instead, take 2 handful of those

–         500gr of beef mince. Doesn’t have to choose the high class piece ( like scotch or sir-loin 😀 :D), as long as it’s lean. I normally use Rump steak

–         Half a can of tomato paste. Sure this product available internationally now

–         Some Italian Herbs Mixed. You can find this any where too, and believe me, this thing will make your kitchen smell just like in a 5-star-restaurant !!!

–         Sliced Cheddar cheese

–         Mozzallera cheese, in pieces. I normally bought a big chunk of 1kg, then slide them and put in separate boxes for regular using and cost effective !



–         Boil Lasagne sheet with some salt in boiling water, until soft. Taste it

–         Drain under cold water and separate each sheet to one another, and leave to rest

–         In a hot pan, melt some butter, then cook the beef until brown


–          Season with ½ table spoon size of salt + Italian mixed herb. Taste it


–         Carry on with putting the tomato paste on


–         Add 400ml water, and ¼ table spoon size of sugar first. Taste it. Add sugar and salt until it is right for you

–         Cook the beef until desired thick. Taste it again

–         In a large baking pan, put 1 layer of Lasagne sheet, then 1 layer of cooked beef, 1 layer of Cheddar cheese. Carry on until finish




–         Top with lots of Mozzallera cheese


–         Oven at 175-180oC, bake in 10 to 15mins, depends on how brown you like your cheese turn out to be

–         Serve with fresh salad, or just itself

ON ANOTHER QUICK FOOTNOTE: try chicken or turkey mince instead of beef. I like to use Sliced cheese not only because I have no time, but the white sauce sometimes make my Lasagne went very soak-ish, and I prefer it being crispy. Lasagne is actually tasted better if you leave it on the fridge for one night and have it the next day.

Please do leave your comment under this post, or on my FB page, and let me know what you think about this very first piece of recipe. I am so willing to listen ❤ I hope this recipe will not only give you an enchanted meal, but bring that odoriferous “back” to your kitchen

Bon appétite !

Erin M.