Hi guys

Let me actually tell my story first so you understand a bit about me before I get into any of my delightful recipes :

– I am ever so sorry making the page being delayed, then delayed, then delayed. Yet finally, here it is ! I hope you will enjoy it, and please do give your comment, your input, or just say something; so I know my work is being looked at by amazing people like you 🙂

– I tried to do all sort of stressful thingy, from buying an actual domain, to hiring a web designer, then getting it all planned out for future commercial web page, etc, etc and etc. But turn out, I have got to use WordPress. Quick and easy. I suppose when it comes to indulging your own passion, you just have to let it be, and not being so stress about it.

– Ah, at first, I was about to have a dual-language page. Means, English and Vietnamese together. Please do not take it too personal, but I seriously think most of my recipes will be much easier to read and write in English. And if there is any ingredients that need to have dual-language, I will put them all in (…)

– My cooking (and living) philosophy is very simple – ” Nothing is perfect or authentic, unless it is perfect and authentic to you”. As said on my About, I like to go to different places, try their food, then go home and create my own dish. An authentic dish to me is not when it must be cooked and tasted exactly the same as where it comes from – but when it tastes just right for you, for your family and loved ones ( and I am 100% sure that even at its birth place, people makes various versions of it already !) . So if you find any piece here that is not so ” locally authentic”, it is because I make it so. You should also try to do so too sometimes you know 🙂

– I will try to have 3-4 recipes per week – posting on Mon, Weds, Fri and a bonus on Sun. So please do drop by on those days, also follow my Facebook page so you know what will be up here, on Erin M.’s Kitchen

Once again, I am ever so sorry for this delay, and let get it all started. First recipe will be on 20.02.2014, at 8pm !

Erin M. ❤