• Full name: Erin M.
  • Place of birth: HCMC, Vietnam
  • Passion: Cooking, eating, talking about food, food and food.
  • What to do when Im free ( and have money): Travel !
  • My philosophy: Nothing is perfect or authentic, unless it is perfect and authentic to you

Living only make sense when you see the world, learn their cultures, sleep on their floors and eat their food (And make your own version, sometimes)
I am simply just a typical home-cook, one that loves to indulge myself with food and its natural heavenly flavour , fragrant and appearance. I love to go to different places, try out new taste, and then create my own dish. Me & my partner also start to do our foodie review, which hopefully will help others having better idea about where to go and what to order.

I hope each and everyone of you, will drop by not only to find a piece of recipe for your own kitchen, but a place to share joyful cooking experience and daily inspiration

I am also providing food styling service (including photography, menu creating and menu layout, etc…) – here is my commercial portfolio: http://einmai171.portfoliobox.net/food

Reach me at erin.mai1710@gmail.com for quotation and promo collaboration.

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At the meantime, Bon appetite !
Erin M. ❤